Regional Universal Scientific Library of Nizhni Novgorod

Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection


The total number of holdings – over 50 000 items.

Today this collection comprises the oldest and most valuable items many of which were donated to the library by the most prominent citizens, famous collectors and men of arts. Their names can be found in the very first “Book of donators” dated 1861.

Among the most interesting and treasured holdings:

  • manucsripts in Russian and foreign languages;
  • early-printed foreign books among which - 4 incunabulas;
  • documents in Cyrillic script;
  • early-printed Russian books in civil type;
  • the first and life-time editions of the celebrated Russian writers, scientists and public people - A.S. Pushkin, G.R. Derzhavin, N.A. Nekrasov, I.C. Turgenev, I.P. Pavlov etc;
  • The private library of Melnykov-Pechersky (1 349 books and periodicals on Russian history, geography, statistics, the Russian Orthodox Church schism and Old Belief);
  • The Sheremetyev family library (a universal collection of incunabulas and printed books up to the XIX-th century mainly in European languages);
  • books with famous people’s autographs;
  • literary texts of Nizhegorodski kraj ( with the first issue of “Nizhegorodskie gubernskie vedomosti” (1838) and books on N.Novgorod history).


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